Books, Thesis and Papers

Creatives Change


A road map in setting up a organizations aimed at how the Creative Community can become more Economically and Environmentally sustainable.

Trend culture


Is a paper that looks at the development of pop culture today and what motivates and gives rise to the new movement of trend and societal shifts and culture movements.

The philosophy behind Ryan Foote’s art practice


Is a thesis about the theory behind my artwork and how it has developed to entail temporal events that engage the viewer.

Ethics in contemporary art


This thesis delves into the ethics within contemporary art today and what is and is not being done in this complex topic.

Essays About the world today and possibly tomorrow


In this book I look at range  of  different topics – (How food can be used to shape cultures) to (The environment and the market place) click to see sample

Sustainability and a possible creativity industry


This Paper formed the starting point and critical thinking that was to lead to the development to Creatives Cahange.