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Pop up Shop: Melbourne

January 22nd 2017

POP UP Shop on Brunswick st, Fitzroy

Jewellery designer Ele Misko and Artist/ Designer Ryan L. Foote join forces to create a curated store selling their jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and art.


Pop-up store open Sunday January 22 - Sunday January 29


Opening event Wednesday 25 January from 6pm - 9pm


83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

Open daily from 10:30am - 5:30pm

Launch of new Studio: Global

December 4th 2016

R L Foote Design Studio:

Foote is excited to announce his newly established R L Foote Design Studio which offers a ranges of contemporary ceramic flatwares, silicon food moulds and interior design objects.


R L Foote Design Studio complements Foote’s art practice by offering ongoing design ranges available at selected outlets.


Visit the R L Foote Design Studio site

Launch of new Ceramics: Global

December 4th 2016

R L Foote Design Studio:  Collector Bubble platters and bowls

Ryan L Foote has just launched a new range of Collector Bubble platters and bowls which are available not for Christmas 2016


The range of bubble glazed platters and bowls are meticulously hand crafted; creating a visually unique and mesmerizing finish with each piece unlike the next.


This Range is made in the finest whitest porcelain  and delicately crafted in Foote's Melbourne, Australia workshop.


Check them out click here.

Lunar Project: Hong Kong

Aug 10th - Sep 15th  2016

Lunar Mooncake:  Mid-Autumn Festival collaboration with Vero

Ryan L Foote and VERO Hong Kong’s premier Artisan Chocolatier and have come together to celebrate the 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival, by creating a special contemporary creative Mooncake set along with exclusive hand made Lunar porcelain plates.


Inspired by classic mooncakes and the minimal lunar form, Foote puts a fun contemporary twist on the traditional mooncake.

By creating 4 tasty chocolate mooncakes, shimmering and adorned with craters, represents different stages in the lunar cycle.


Along with these delicate Mooncakes

Foote has created a series of exclusive collector lunar plates each handmade and glazed with a special bubble glaze recreating the Lunar surface, each one completely unique. Each plate is hand signed and numbered by the artist.


more info can be found at

Diamond Lab: Melbourne

April 21th  2016

Diamond Lab: at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Ryan L Foote Diamond Lab Project once again popped up in Melbourne this time for the Announcement of the National Gallery of Victoria new Triennial.


Set up in one of the main galleries and surrounded by Rodin bronze sculptures and classic Australian masterpieces the Diamond Lab played host to a array of sweet canapés covering the table for guest to enjoy in a cocktail party unlike any other.

Aroma Project: Hong Kong

March 14th-24th  2016

Aroma Project: At Aberdeen Street Social, Hong Kong

Eat Art at Aberdeen Street Social with Chef Whitmore and Food Artist Ryan L Foote


As a part of GORMEI ART MONTH HK 2016, Aberdeen Street Social’s Executive Chef Chris Whitmore and Food Artist Ryan Foote are excited to present a special afternoon tea combining both of their creative aesthetics.


Chef Whitmore and Ryan L Foote have collaborated to create a special menu inspired by Foote’s latest art piece: The Aroma Project. Foote’s custom made aroma capsules that combine, food, drink, and aroma in sensorial ways will contain edible creations by Chef Whitmore and Foote, made especially for this aromatic delectable high tea.


This gastronomic event will bring together fragrances, tastes, and visuals, pairing them together within custom made aroma capsules for a unique and exciting multisensorial experience.


Tickets can be booked at


Aroma Project: Hong Kong

December 2015

Aroma Project: At Red Door Dining Lab, Hong Kong

Following on from Artist/ Designer/ Chef Ryan L Foote’s Diamond Lab project; Foote is set to launch his next series of unique Food Art Experiences, this time focusing on Aroma, bringing together Floral aromas, food and drinks. Served up in his unique hand made aroma capsules creating the perfect way of pairing these sensory experiences.


We are excited to announce that the premiere launch of the Aroma Project will be happening in Hong Kong with Red Door Dining Lab which is located within the Fringe Club (2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong)

launching on the 10th and 11th December Foote and Red Door will be serving up a 7 course matched floral Degustation evening. So if you are in Hong Kong or know someone who is we would love to see you.


Tickets are limited and can be booked at


Melbourne Testing Ground Dinners

October- November 2015

Diamond Lab: Testing ground Dinners                                               

Ryan is back in Melbourne for a Short while before launching the Diamond Lab over in Asia.


while here will be hosting series of exclusive small dinner parties in Ryan’s private kitchen and dining room.

Seating only 8 people at a time Ryan will be testing out some of his new recipes and ideas, set in a relaxed and intimate environment.


If you missed the first Diamond Lab experience or would like to try some of Ryan’s new creations and get a peek behind the scene in a more intimate environment.

We would love you to come.


Tickets are $110 and Include match Cocktails

Starting at 7.00pm

More info at


Private Dining nights also available between the 1st till the 19th of November


Diamond Lab Dinner

- Tuesday 27th October            Sold Out                 

- Wednesday 28th October        Sold Out              

- Thursday 29th October           Sold Out