Ryan L Foote born in Melbourne, Australia, where he is based most of the year..


Foote’s current focus sees him bring together his diverse and ranging career from across Art, Design, Food & Drink Design, Theatre, Fashion, Events and Sustainability. By creating unique event based projects that involve Food, Fashion, Art, Design, that envelop and entice all the guests senses. These projects take place around Australia and overseas.


Foote's Artwork reflects upon contemporary popular culture and the emergence of trend culture, taking the form of large installations and event based artworks that create social spaces that delve into the opulent culture of food, fashion, art, design, and the layering of visual literacy that surround us. Foote's relational happenings creating unique temporal worlds that engage all the viewers' senses, from taste, touch, scent, audio and of course the visual. Intentionally saturating his artwork with numerous layers, references, sensorial delights, he allows each viewer to delve as far into or experience something completely different to the next person, this process of building up layer upon layer of imagery and concepts has become a key element to his artwork.


How did he get here? Foote studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, completing his Bachelor of Fine Art, Majoring in Sculpture and Spatial Practices in 2005 and then Honours in 2006, and has gone on to have many exhibitions around Australia and overseas, creating large installations in places like National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square Melbourne, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne's GPO Building, Flinders Lane Gallery just to name a few.


Simultaneous to his Art practice Foote has designed and produced, launch parties and runway sets for multiple fashion festivals with his first project back 2005 for Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, and has gone on to work for L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Sydney, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week as well as individual clients Like Chanel Australia as well as many more.


This mix of Installation Art, Set Design, Fashion events and Event and launch party Designs; Led Foote both into working with multiple catering firms and then onto developing and producing his own culinary creations. creating hand made flatware, tables, striking recipes and 3D printed foods. Foote is now brought in by multiple top end event and catering firms to develop creative food concepts and recipes for events and his own unique food art events.


In mid 2006 Foote began work at the Victorian College of the Arts - The University of Melbourne in the Sculpture and Spatial Practices department as the Sculpture Technical Officer and then went on to lecture Sculpture there until mid 2010. He has also undertaken guest lecturing roles in the other universities, as well as being a creative consultant for artist, designers, galleries, organisations and companies.


At present Foote is rolling out several large art events the will be popping up around the globe.


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