Window-shopping for trends pop up Studio residences

271 Collins Studio

Window-shopping for trends Pop up studio residences is an element of my art practices that developed from residency in Melbourne’s GPO in 2007, this location was much larger and more influential then I had original hoped. I first approached the GPO because I was looking for a studio space that would be central to my influences and subject mater, I wanted somewhere in the city amongst fashion, design, art galleries, cafes, bars and social environments.


I also wanted my studio practice to directly reflect my artwork, for instance in 2004-2005 I made an artwork called “ illumination bar” an installation which consisted of lots of clear chandeliers that ironically did not produce any light, and needed to be lit externally to be seen.

In 2006 “social screens” an installation consisting of Japanese stylised changing screens, made out of clear acrylic, with a mixture of transparent and etched opaque surfaces rendering them functionless as a barrier to change behind.


I wanted my studio practice to work in a similar manner, where people are first shocked and are uncertain whether I am a shop? Galley? Design studio? Artist?

If or what I am selling?

My studio is not trying to sell anything, apart from a dialogue between myself and the viewer, a two way information flow influencing and influenced by the viewers and myself a concept of artist identity and art practice that is constantly growing, changing and evolving, an outlook onto society that is never static.


I’ve felt that my time in the GPO studio residency has been very successful in achieving this, and my art practice has grown and developed, my practice now has a strong performative element of being an artist in the public eye, as well as looking at the practice of creating.


I now view my studio practice as a form of interactive performance art, where I wear designer clothing that would be considered completely inappropriate for a studio practice, as people walk past there window-shopping for clothing inspiration, fashion trends and objects of desire, my studio residency takes this cultural reading and turns it into a two way flow, I watch and read people, in what fashion they wear, how they wear it, their body language, and their response and interaction with myself and the artwork.


Since the GPO I have had studios in public locations like 271 Collins Street (next to Tiffany’s) Melbourne; Centre Way Melbourne; High Street Armadale; just to name a few.


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