Visual Literacy Spool of Trends

This project took place during the 2009 L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of their culture program, located in Melbourne’s Docklands in the old goods shed for one week only.

Foote’s installation consisted of a 20m long roll of watercolour paper rolled out taking on a similarly scale to a runway.

Over the Fashion Festival Foote progressively worked on the paper creating new content daily laying opulent culture of food, fashion, art, design, and visual literacy into the artwork. Foote photographed these things of inspiration and then digitally drew over them creating unique silhouetted line drawings that were then hidden within the developing 20m long print, certain images were then inked over revealing some of the hidden imagery.

The decision to create one long print references numerous influences like spools of material, fabric print, contemporary stencil art at the same time it also looks at the history of both classic Eastern and Western society use of visuals methods to record history via scrolls, tapestries, kimonos, and other classic forms of recording history, Foote takes these classic methods and splices them together with contemporary digital process of recording history in one large evolving artwork.


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