Timber Screens

This installation took place at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space as a one night art event in 2009 consisting of large contemporary Japanese style changing screens, it is the second in the changing screen series, unlike the first that ironically played with function or lack there of, these screens function more like props in creating social and interactive spaces, The screens intentionally divided the space creating little pockets and nooks for people to form small interacting social groups whilst still retaining an over all social atmosphere in the wider room.


As the guests arrive to this happening they were visually presented with a fragmented view into the space via the large street fronted window, inside the walls and floor where finished in stark white, while the window was covered in white vinyl strips creating the effect of seclusion as your eye was drawn to the bright white and restricted your gaze to the outside world, whilst allowing the outside world to voyeuristically look in unbeknownst to the guest alluding to this sense of screen and stage drama to unfold within the room, whilst Japanese style changing commonly used as tools of privacy instead formed a scenic set and back drop for this unscripted event to unfold placing the guest at the very heart of the artwork.


Within this bright white room guests were served black espresso martinis by styled wait staff in black aprons, black pants and white shirts, each with 1920s inspired hair the men had slicked down hair with a strong part to one side the women also had bold part down one side with finger waves hair cascading out to teased tresses creating a slightly undone, elegant 1920’s flapper look, the women’s makeup featured heavy smoky eyes with gold shimmer.


The screens pattern work that covers the timber is created from a pastiche of images from the 2008 Spring Fashion Week of glamorous models, trends in fashion and playful takes on 2008 print trends, all converted in silhouetted monochromatic prints.  Each screen represents a different Fashion Show and plays with the idea of the societies constant changing nature and development.


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