Over the last few years Foote's creative practices have developed a much stronger interest in issues of ethics, philosophy and sustainability, from his writing to his artwork across the board; his practice has changed to be more environmentally responsible and aware.


In 2007 Foote started to create an artwork that took his studio waste and turned it into an artwork, the result was an artwork that continuously grew for over 5 years (see project), this project then went on to influence multiple other artworks in similar ways, over the last 3 years Foote has been taking steps to be more sustainable and reduce his carbon footprint by using less electricity, calculating the exact quantities of materials needed so he did not produce any excess at all, and recycling past projects into new work(see flow chart below).


"In 2010 my growing concerns with the lack of action around issues of global warming and consumption of finite resources within society and especially within the arts community; this led me to start investigating and writing about these issues as well as other global issues, I started looking at global trends, cultural acts/ behaviours, Government structures, societal constructs and our global interconnectedness I ended up producing papers exploring topics like:

How food can be used to shape cultures.

Ethics in Contemporary Art.

Philosopher over Ethicist.

Sustainability and the creative industry."


Foote felt writing about it was not enough, he took his critical and creative thinking and established a organization called Creatives Change  aimed at helping the Creative Community become more Economically and Environmentally sustainable.

Foote with his diverse and extensive creative practices set out to develop a model for how the global creative community could make change.

In the Linked documents Foote outlines possible ways the creative industry can reduce its carbon emissions and implement more sustainable and environmental responsible practices within all creative industries.


In 2012 Foote returned to Australia to start up a Creatives Change, after 2 years of self funding, running the organization full time, establishing the web site, and speaking in length about the topic, sadly Foote was unable to persuade Australian Arts organizations and funding bodies in the merits of taking action on issues of sustainable and environmental responsible practices.


Foote's creative practice which looked at trends and trends to come; and not solely from the cultural communality but sciences, politics, popular culture.. often placing his concepts and outlooks in the realm of futurist instead of solely artist. He unequivocal believes that his approach and methods developed in Creatives Change have a strong foundation; and approach for the creatively minded in enacting Sustainable methods, unfortunately introducing new and different methods of enacting sustainability within Australia arts sector in 2012-2014 might have been a bit ahead of time or geographically optimistic.


"To any one working in the space of sustainability and the creative/ cultural sectors pleases read through the Creative Change document and take what you can and remember who your audience is, and think about creative ways of communicating issues of how we CAN BE MORE SUSTAINABLE not that we just should be sustainable "


Ryan Foote's Creative Change Document