Society’s Brilliants & Natures Luster

This installation like a lot of Foote’s artwork draws inspiration and reflects upon fashion, food, art, design, popular culture, trend culture, society, nature and the world around us by building up layer upon layers of ideas and visuals all compressed into dense artworks that are multi faceted like diamonds.


His artworks often exhibit these elements by playing with positive and negative space, this artwork aims at creating contrasts between the transparent diamonds and the solid black stone, the polished diamonds and the rough stones, the natural world and man made.


Foote plays with the idea of etching onto one of humanity's most perceived luxury and valuable objects the diamond, covering it with fashion figures, people and garments, reflecting the value of creative individuals like fashions designers, artists, designers, jewellers…and how they enrich our world around us, casting creative expression and thinking at the most valuable resource of all for society.


The diamond held up by a rough stone base, references how diamonds, fashion, and art which are seen as luxury manmade products have emerged in some way from our natural environment whether it be dug up, cut, grown, spun, crushed or mixed. Foote aims at highlighting how mans perceived luxury goods and cultural components are not separate from nature but are directly reliant and interconnected.