Reflected Desires Curve

This artwork is in the Reflected Desires series titled “Reflected Desires Curve” Foote wanted to create a piece that seamlessly protrudes out of the wall and curves back into the wall, by bending the mirror in this way Foote creates a sort of fish eye effect where the mirror reflects everyone and everything in the room.


Etched onto the surface of the red mirror are Foote’s synonymous intricate pattern works that reflect upon the opulent contemporary culture of fashion, food, art and design.


By layering visual literacy, using slick surfaces and seductive materials Foote lures the viewer into the artwork whilst simultaneously placing them at the centre of the work by cloaking them within the reflections of the fabric like print, drawing the viewer’s gaze back and forth between themself and the object, writing them into and making them an integral part of the artwork.


The intricate pattern work applied to the coloured mirror consists of numerous layers of imagery overlaid on top of each other and hidden within positive and negative spaces, within the pattern work are things like figures, iPhones, martini glasses, figures from fashion shows, clothing, designer objects, champagne and many more contemporary pop culture references.