Red and yellow event

This exhibition/ event of Foote’s took place at Platform Gallery on the 4th of June 2010. Foote’s recent artwork has been focused on creating temporal events as works of art, Foote has created pop up bars, exclusive dinner parties where he served 10 courses of white food intentionally striping the food of any visual taste signifiers and focusing on the taste and texture. Foote chose Platform Gallery for this event as this underground subway galley engages with not only the invited guests but the unsuspecting passersby using the subway.


Foote’s event artworks are temporal in nature and focused on the relational interaction and immersion of the guests in the environment “the food, the styled models, clothing, lighting and mirrors etc..  are nothing more than props in creating this momentary world I have staged, the artwork lies in that unique moment in time.”


Foote’s one night instigation at Platform Galley features ten glass cabinets.  Inside each of the display cabinets was bent coloured mirror distorting the viewers reflection of themselves and intensifying the red and yellow colour theme.  On opening night Foote served ten unique hors d’oeuvres five red and five yellow, the food was installed inside the display cabinets moments before the event, each serving was displayed in individual small clear containers and the food was created in a molecular gastronomy or a creative vein of cooking.


The use of a singular colour was to intentionally strip the food of any visual taste signifiers and focuses on the taste and texture adding to the guest experience of the artwork and immerse the viewer further into the artwork.

Progressively over the night Foote had wait staff open up the display cabinets and hand out the clear containers to the guests.

Foote served red dishes like beetroot crisps, cherry tomatoes covered with basil infused glaze on a red cream cheese base, red Champagne flavored macaroons, smoked strawberries, raspberry glass toffee,

Within the yellow cabinets were dishes like golden popcorn with a yellow salt, chilli guava, yellow chocolate with charred salt and gold leaf, pear nectar and finally yellow Champagne macaroons each served by stunning styled wait staff.

Each hors d’oeuvre internally played with people’s sense of visual perceived taste for example the cherry tomato looked like it was a glazed cherry and was going to be sweet instead it was savoury, the chilli guava looked like it was also going to be sweet but it was a mix of sweet with a hot chill sensation with a resulting sweet after taste.


Foote invite 10 artists to use a Polaroid camera to photograph/ document whatever takes their interest over the evening it could be themselves, the food, the person next to them, the lighting, whatever, they then wrote their name and time on the bottom of the Polaroid  Photos and installed them into the empty display cabinets in chronological order as the food was handed out, over the night of the event the photos formed a expanding timeline of the night’s events.

These photos where on exhibit for following month.


(To see the photos of the post event click here)


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