Post Exquisite Boundaries Exhibition

Post Exquisite Boundaries is an exhibition of artwork that grew out of an installation titled Exquisite Boundaries that initially took place at 271 Collins Street in a stunning heritage building in Melbourne Australia.


Upon walking into the Exquisite Boundaries exhibition, viewers were confronted with giant a 24 meter gold mirror catwalk balanced precariously between the second level and the ground floor, running along one of the side walls were a series of blank gold mirror panels each with different dates of the exhibition on the wall below each represented two days the exhibition ran for.


Over the two week time frame Foote would be drawing and creating new pattern work each day inspired from the guests that came to view the artwork that day.  After capturing them on camera Foote drew their silhouettes on the computer, after compiling a days worth of imagery he would then cut it out of a black transfer and then apply it onto the mirror, creating unique wallpaper or fabric-like patterns, these prose‚Äôs were repeated each day of the exhibition creating an expanding timeline that grew every day.

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The Post Exquisite Boundaries exhibition at Diaz-Castillo Gallery in 2008 is an exhibition of the finished mirrored panels and

resulting documentation, featuring a similar sculptural catwalk installation running down the gallery center which incorporated acrylic silhouettes figures of some of the guests from the original installation.