Illumination bar

Illumination bar was Foote’s first installation event, taking place in Grant Street Theatre Melbourne in 2005, Foote created a space based around Melbourne’s culture of boutique bars and its rich social fashionable lifestyle, creating a one day event where guests where invited to come and drink relax and socialize. Foote’s primary goal was to create a space where his artwork encouraged social interaction and enjoyment.


Staged in a completely blackened environment there were 9 large 20mm thick Perspex contemporary chandeliers.  Overhead lighting that subtly changed from vibrant blues to purples to reds etc illuminated these chandeliers.  The edges of the chandeliers have been treated to capture and refract this light.


Surrounding the Perspex chandeliers were a further 10 stylized MDF chandeliers finished in high gloss black with unique paisley patterns grooved into the surface. All these chandeliers were suspended at various heights and would appear and disappear in the low lighting as they turned slowly.