Federation Square installation

This Project by Foote at Melbourne Federation Square was installed in three locations around Federation Square, existing for only two days Foote created Immersive spaces for the public to lounge, engage and socialize.  The three installations each made up of 4 large rectangle forms placed parallel to each other creating a cube like structure, within each one of the rectangle forms there is a hole big enough to lay, sit, or stand within, Each hole was lined in a vivid coloured mirror in either red, yellow or orange.


Each structure had a wait staff that serve matching coloured confectionery to the guest as they lay within the mirrored forms, the cylinder like mirror forms would act like a lens flipping the viewers reflection upside down forcing the viewer to take a different perspective of themselves to what they are used to, the confectionery acted as a tool to engage in dissection about art and created a stepping stone for general public that might not understand contemporary art, food is one of the few things all cultures of people have in common.


Like most of Foote’s artwork social interaction is an important part of his work.


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