Dark Horse Experiment Exhibition

Dark Horse Experiment presents artist Ryan Foote’s exhibition titled Boxed Desires & Guilt. Showing one his longest in the making artworks with one of the pieces taking over 8 years to make.


The materials and materiality of the Boxed Desires & Guilt was a crucial starting point to this project viewers to the exhibition can expect to see a range of sculpture installation pieces to a series of wall mounted artworks that sit somewhere between sculpture, print and painting with light.


The hero work and starting point for this exhibition is an artwork started in 2006 titled ‘2006 to 2014 boxed Guilt & Desires’.

Growing from waste products produced in Foote’s studio this artwork formed an influential starting point that completely reshaped firstly how he practiced as an artist and secondly the ideas and concept that form his  artworks.

“As my art practice grew in 2006 I became very aware of how much it consumed, produced and also how much waste I created, this reflection lead to casting a critical eye on my own art practice and how I made artworks!”

It also lead to some harder questions, like what was the role of contemporary art today in a world facing finite resources, global warming, increasing population growth and instability?


This exhibition sees Foote create a body of extremely layered and subtly subversive artworks that gazes not only wider society and the trends around us that he is known for, but also gazes at his own art practice as an artist, its waste, the role of art in sustainability and issues of aesthetics and beauty in the world around us by reframing/ boxing things.