Cultured Culture Series

The Cultured Culture Series was created in 2011 and was exhibited at Paradise Hills gallery for an exhibition that Foote curated called ‘The Seductive and Subversive’.  The exhibition engaged with themes around fashion, beauty and the body. The intended dialogue was not to highlight one particular view but reflect upon a range of different views within these themes, some artists delved into the negative portrayal of body image within the fashion industry, others commented on the positive affect of fashion within forming one’s sense of identity and representation, while others engaged with material forms of the body that challenge our senses of what is deemed beautiful.


Foote created a body of work that was intentionally ambiguous, making large petri dish like shapes lined with coloured mirror on the edges that when lit properly would reflect stunning fractal reflections all over the surface of the dish and the inside of the dishes were an array of growing bacteria like forms, each of these forms were compilation of people over lapping and expanding.


Each of these dishes contained part human development - part cultural growth - part over population - part beauty - part disgust and a dash of creativity all mixed together.