Bar Culture no4

Bar culture 4 is the fourth in series of artwork that looks at Melbourne boutique bars and the social interactions these spaces foster.

In 2007 Melbourne bar scene was one of the best in the world, hidden boutique bars, diverse interiors and complex cocktails, this artwork engages with complex social that form contemporary bars the good the bad and the in-between.


As guests walk into the blackened space they will note two large laser cut acrylic panels hanging parallel with each other, obscure and odd holes cover the opaque acrylic.  Looking closer you will notice that the holes make up silhouetted shapes of chandeliers, inspired by the increasing popularity and re-emergences of contemporary chandeliers in current design trends these panels make up fractured projection screens.  From either end of the room Foote projects photos of people engaging and interacting with each other within these boutique bars spaces, rising over the images are small Champagne bubbles slowly rising towards the ceiling, as more and more of the bubbles rise the morphing photos of people start to distort and change becoming more and more blurry; it is as if the photos are getting drunk on the Champagne - this continues until the photos are nothing more than blurry colours.


As the projection hits the screen it falls through the chandelier cut outs and lands on the floor creating a morphing carpet like effect with bubbles going in either direction - the viewer cannot help but feel at the center of the artwork.